1 de junio de 2018

Vocabulary: Nature

Hello, hello!
In this unit we're learning about the key vocabulary related to nature and natural disasters.

Word cloud of nature for the B1 exam

This is the B1 list of the vocabulary we're learning about with the definitions:


bottle bank
a large container in a public place where people can leave their empty bottles so that the glass can be recycled (= used again)
the regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular place
climate change
a  change in the regular pattern of weather conditions on the earth
one of the seven main areas of land on the earth
the world; the planet on which we live
the natural world, for example the land, air and water, in which people, animals and plants live
the solid part of the surface of the earth (= not sea)
pieces of paper, rubbish, etc. that are left in a public place
the liquid that is used as fuel for vehicles such as cars and motorbikes
the world we live in; the earth, especially when talking about the environment
a living thing that grows in the ground and usually has leaves, a stem (= the central part) and roots
to put plants, seeds, etc. in the ground to grow
the act of making the air, water, etc. dirty and dangerous
a thick forest in tropical parts of the world that have a lot of rain
the hard, solid material that forms part of the surface of the earth
a powder consisting of very small grains of rock, found in deserts and on beaches
the natural beauty that you see around you in the country
the space that you can see when you look up from the earth, and where you can see the sun, moon and stars
the substance that plants, trees, etc. grow in; earth
living or growing in natural conditions, not looked after by people
animals, birds, insects, etc. that are wild and live in a natural environment

Here you have some games related to this topic so you can practice spelling, the vocabulary and writing:

In MatchIt Definitions, you match words from their spelling and vocabulary word lists with definitions.

WhichWord? Sentences makes you recognize sentences for each spelling and vocabulary word.

In Word Unscramble, you click and drag letters to rearrange them and correctly spell words from your spelling or vocabulary lists.

Word Search allows you to search for and highlight spelling or vocabulary words within a grid of letters based on the provided clues.

I hope you find these useful!
Bye, bye, butterflies!

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