11 de mayo de 2018

Angles - measurement

Hello, hello!
Angles are measured in degrees, minutes and seconds. These are sexagesimal units and we need to learn how to operate with them.

This means that in order to convert degrees into minutes, we'll have to multiply them by 60. The same goes to converting minutes into seconds.

We also need to remember what complex measures are:

what is a complex measure

With degrees, minutes and seconds, it gets a little more complicated, because the relationship between them is sexagesimal. This means that in order to convert measurements from a simple measure to a complex one, we'll have to do the following:

1. Convert the following measures into its complex form:
a) 450”
b) 58’ 140”
c) 4500”
d) 1º 2000”

2. Convert the following complex forms into simple:
a) 35º 26’
b) 45’ 33”
c) 250º 22”
d) 27’ 39”

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  1. Hi Remei, i don't understand very well the exercise. Also I don't know What do You mean with "complex"

    1. Hi, Edu. I uploaded some explanations to the entry. I hope you find it easier now. Bye, bye!