26 de diciembre de 2017

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone - Chapter 1 Task

Hello, hello!
As I promised, I'll upload some tasks for you to do during these period in order to check that you are reading our book!
You'll have until the 7th of January to complete this questionnaire and the one that I'll post next Tuesday (Jan 2nd). But don't leave it for the last day!
And remember, even the short answers need to be, at least, 5-words-long!!!!

Click here to listen to the first chapter read by British actor Stephen Fry.

I hope you like it!
Bye, bye, butterflies!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone quiz task 1.

3 comentarios :

  1. Hi remei i am ending capter 1 at night i re do it. Eva

  2. Hi Remei, I did the challenge. The Next week Young Will do another if chapter 2?

  3. Hi Remei, I can't write the answeres. I'll try later if it lets me. Bye bye